Weekly Marketing Team Update - 1

Thu, Oct 31, 2019

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Business Development/Marketing Team Update #1

1) Cap is still in the process of framing out the Weekly Updates which will be video-based, we should have the first one out Mid-November.

2) The team agreed that VIDEO IS KING and that this is very important for our project to gain more exposure, Goose has a wicked YouTube channel and awesome experience in video marketing, he will help make sure our presentations are super cool and professional.

3) YaYa, Houliboots & CoachCryptos are going to work on stepping up our Social Network communication including an active Facebook page. While we do not think that FB is the end-all-be-all it seems a necessary evil so we’ll tune that up.

4) The main takeaway on the call was for us to “get outside of ourselves” we need to be broader in our “content” our videos, Tweets, Linkedin, FB page, etc need to have content that attracts others, we cannot just try and keep preaching to the choir.

5) We need to look for partnerships in other crypto projects, for example, Zel was mentioned a lot, maybe there is a good way to work together (This needs further investigation).

6) We also believe the mining community will be a great place to make new friends. When ETH cuts over to PoS soon 1000’s of miners will be homeless.

7) Some discussion on other Exchanges/Wallets, as STEX will now require KYC. Some people may be opposed to this, we are looking. AtomicDEX was suggested but they want $6500 to list and $1000 a year, so many new properties want big money - therefore our budget is an issue.

8) Without question, our power will come from our base and growing our base.. so tell your friends, and bring up Ether1 in other crypto discussions when able, don’t drop spam bombs in other groups, but maybe look for partnerships. IF YOU HAVE AN IDEA send it my way, I can follow up.

9) CONTENT. We need content for the Social Network efforts, please reach out to YaYa with any pictures, notes, ideas, quotes, etc, she has been tasked with building a “content library” SO PLEASE HELP. Even if you think it is “too small to matter” it does. CONTENT FROM YOU – OUR COMMUNITY IS CRITICAL. PLEASE HELP!

By Chris Terry

Edited by Fallen Gravity